The Dealer

Every town has its secrets, but Chase Weston was nether aware or prepared for what he practically swan-dived into. What seemed like a few faulty blackjack games was building the foundation for something that he would've never wanted to be a part of, and worse...can't get free from. A single month changes his life metamorphically in a story about betrayal, revenge, and ultimately how much chaos one grudge can cause. One dealer who had everything, risked it all for just a little bit more, and let the past sneak up on him like he never thought it could.

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Diamonds & Coyotes (Sequel)

Just when the waves finally begin to settle for Chase Weston, an unfortunate visitor decides to take a spontaneous vacation to the States. Haunted by his mistakes and completely unaware of what's in store, he struggles to fight off mental illness, keep his friends alive and his love life intact.