Director/DP/Editor - House Phone

Btween is a local hip-hop artist. This is a music video Rogue Route made in collaboration with him. The song House Phone is off of his debut EP, 90's Kid.


Director/DP/Editor - Derek Roberts Kicker Reel

"Rogue Route wanted to capture a snapshot of the work I've been putting in during this off-season. God gives us our gifts, but it's our job to unwrap them. Rob and I got the chance to put our God-given talents together and I couldn't be happier with what we ended up with." - Derek Roberts

Director/Editor - Metropolis

Music video for a single by Springfield artist Btween.


Director/Editor - Rematch

Rematch is a short montage I created with my friend Noah Giamei. This short is about our willingness to give second chances, only to realize we were better off.

Live Production - "Fishing For Saturday"

Teenagers with a passion for music; These teens are from Springfield, Missouri and are students at Pellegrino's School of Music and Art. Mady is lead vocalist, Jackson and Preston alternate lead guitar and bass, Josh plays drums, and Alex is rhythm guitar player.


Director/Producer - The Least of These

The Least of These is a documentary I’ve wanted to make for over a year now. Thanks to all the hard work by Ruthie Gilmore, Noah Giamei, Emily Brown and Cassie Nichols, I was finally able to see it happen. Panhandling is extremely common in Springfield, MO. It was enlightening to hear the stories of people had behind the signs. We went out to spend time with them, reassure them of their worth, and pray that the Lord would touch their situations. Everyone was compensated for their interviews, but they seemed more thrilled just to talk to somebody.


Director - Doritos Jacked Commercial

This faux Doritos commercial was directed by myself and filmed by my good friend, Josh Kingham. Not only did it fulfill a collegiate assignment, but it's now also available for submission in a future Superbowl commercial contest.

Assistant Director, Effects Artist - The Final Round

The Final Round is a drama made by myself and Noah Giamei. I was assistant director, audio supervisor, and also completed all of the After Effects used within the dream sequence. 

Writer, Talent - Ride (21 Pilots Tribute)

Ride is a backwards music video I created with the help of Andrew Kilpatrick and Adam Vigil as a tribute to the band Twenty One Pilots. I wrote the concept and starred in the video. I also helped sync the music up to our footage.

Writer, Producer - Veins of Gold

Veins of Gold is a film that is less than a week from completion at the time of writing this. I co-wrote and produced the film. Being producer took me out of my comfort zone, but I am a better filmmaker having done it, and I acquired skills I will use in the future.

Writer, Assistant Editor, Actor - Skylar

Skylar is a sci-fi film that I co-wrote with three other writers. I was also the assistant editor in charge of organizing hours of footage based on location and scene number. Skylar was the first film I ever acted in playing the minor role of Dakota, a good friend of the lead character.

Writer, Audio Supervisor - Electrolyte

Electrolyte was a feature film made off of the first screenplay I had ever written. I worked as audio supervisor of the film and was in charge of sweetening the vocals and an immense amount of Foley sound effects.

Co-Writer - Input

Input was a fun, psychedelic short I wrote and worked on with Lauren Havard and Avery Tidlund. We wanted to test our abilities with animation and after effects and the plot challenged us with the layers of realities we would need to portray.